Vic Skywalker (vicskywalker) wrote,
Vic Skywalker


So, the other day at work, we were going out to do an inspection, and one of the guys jokes 'hey lets call the guys and tell them we got a flat.' So, they call, tell the guy in charge of keeping up the cars, 'hey we got a flat, and there's no spare in here.' They keep him going for a few minutes, and he's getting directions to come pick us up, and they're like, 'we're just kidding, we don't have a flat, it's all cool.' We're driving along the levy looking for this place, and we stop to get the file, with the address in it, because for some reason they keep it in the back of the SUV, and we hear this hissing sound, and guess what, we had a flat tire. Then we wondered... we do have a spare right?

We did. Thankfully, but we got on a real road, found a parking lot changed the tire, and decided, we'd done our work for the day, and we didn't want to try driving around on the levy without a spare.
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