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It ain't so easy in the Big Easy

There was an oil spill here in New Orleans on Wednesday morning at 2am. A tank barge was run over by a tanker ship, splitting the barge in half, and dumping 10,000 barrels of #6 oil, which is a heavy industrial fuel that is so thick it has to be heated up before it can be used as fuel. The clean up is on going, and will take an unknown amount of time. The river has been closed to all traffic since then, and we have only now began to allow a very small number of ships to go up and down the river.

My department has had to contact all of our facilities (all 270) with less than half of our department (5 of 13), and we've had to contact these people 5 times in 2 days getting the same info or new minuscule details, and these folks are already pissed at the river being closed, without us taking a huge chunk of their time. And we are getting so pissed with our boss, it's almost ridiculous.
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