Vic Skywalker (vicskywalker) wrote,
Vic Skywalker

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still not dead

Not dead, busy as shit, but not dead.

I just haven't been posting on here alot. Emma's 2 and a half... she's huge. And now she won't go to sleep in her bed, and wants to sleep with me and Kat, and she's been doing this for 2 weeks now, and I've been pretty short on sleep lately.

Work-wise things are doing good. I just started a new department, I'm gonna be inspecting tugboats, but it's complicated because these are the boats the coast guard never bothered to inspect before.

I miss gaming. bunch a folks at a table getting crazy ideas and making em work together.

I think I'm gonna break down and get a face book account. Start keeping this journal on there and have it called a blog. Seems that's where everyone else has ended up.
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