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could it be?   
12:17am 27/10/2013
  Could Kat be pregnant? I keep saying no but she's two weeks late, and now I'm starting to get freaked out cuz she keeps talking about it. She's done 3 tests and they all said no, so i don't think she is, but I'm starting to get nervius.  
09:47pm 22/10/2013
  I haven't used this in forever. I dont have anyone i can talk to. I don't have any real friends here. I love Kat, but I can't talk to her about... well, her. Something needs to change. I know that these words are often a sign of someone in need of help. I am seeking help. I'm still lonely, I'm sure Kat is too. She has a therapist. I had one before but he spent as much time looking at his phone as he did talking to me. I'm going to find a new one.  
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09:38pm 19/05/2012
  I haven't used this thing in YEARS... congrats if anybody see's this.

I've been wanting to vent on line. I do this on face book and work friends give me shit. Plus I can write as much as I want on here. Lots of things going on in my life. Daughter #2 is on her way, I just turned 30, and my father-in-law just died. I am tired. I'm doing my best to be strong I just don't know if it's good enough. I know I never will.

I have a therapist... I saw one regularly years ago, but he was a phd and this guy isn't... I can get irritated at what feels like a lack of professionalism when I'm with him. OMG I'm just spewing this garbage out into the net... bleh
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still not dead   
10:14am 09/08/2009
mood: quixotic
Not dead, busy as shit, but not dead.

I just haven't been posting on here alot. Emma's 2 and a half... she's huge. And now she won't go to sleep in her bed, and wants to sleep with me and Kat, and she's been doing this for 2 weeks now, and I've been pretty short on sleep lately.

Work-wise things are doing good. I just started a new department, I'm gonna be inspecting tugboats, but it's complicated because these are the boats the coast guard never bothered to inspect before.

I miss gaming. bunch a folks at a table getting crazy ideas and making em work together.

I think I'm gonna break down and get a face book account. Start keeping this journal on there and have it called a blog. Seems that's where everyone else has ended up.
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I am in fact not dead   
12:22pm 14/06/2009
  I know I've been away for a long while....  
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night watch   
08:43pm 17/11/2008
  deet dee dee,

night watches, answering phones again, and barely doing crap, again, just like last time. And I am again bored off my ass. It's funny I can get on here and post, but I can't read my friends page. Funny ain't it?
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Logging on to WoW   
09:11pm 13/11/2008
mood: excited
I've been trying to log onto Wow for almost an hour now, but when I started there were over 700 people in que ahead of me.
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07:36pm 04/11/2008
  So, someone in my office had the idea to get us involved in the Mardi Gras Marathon for charity down here, and a bunch of us (including me) have decided to try and train for the 1/2 marathon.

I will die. This could kill me, but I'm sick of getting uptight every 6 months when weigh ins come around about making weight, and I figure a 1/2 marathon every year will help that alot, all the more if I train up to a full marathon by next year, or find another 1/2 marathon in about August so I do 2 a year.
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Fan fic   
09:18pm 19/10/2008
mood: creative
So, I haven't written anything in a Very Long Time, and I've gotten the idea in my head to write a fanfic for this series of novels that I've been reading since A school, and have told several people about, it's from a series called the Emberverse. It's really funny because I think I remember someone telling me a little bit about it years ago, when the first book had just come out, but I wasn't really interested then.

So, I had this thought for a fan fic, I saw on the author's site HereCollapse ) a link to a site with fan fic, and HereCollapse ) a map with area's that probably would have been wiped out, I saw that Philmont would still possibly be there, so that got some juices flowing, and now I'm working on a story. But this time instead of jumping straight into the naritive, with no idea where I'm going, I'm working on the overall history of the area, what happens after the change, I'm trying to develop characters, and I'm just having a little trouble getting started.
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New Home sweet home   
02:46pm 05/10/2008
  We've moved into a place on the north shore of Lake P, in Slidell still unpacking boxes, we might be doing that for a while sadly. Over all things are going well, but I'm not having any luck finding a car pool yet. I am going to start looking on line, and trying to find one with people outside of the office.  
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home sweet home   
07:13pm 06/09/2008
  So we're home, for now, gotta watch Ike and see what happens.  
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Evacuation plans   
03:41pm 29/08/2008
mood: busy
We will be evacuating tomorrow. We're going to leave early and hope to beat some of the traffic. Folk back in Texas we might call, others feel free to call in the afternoon. I will try and post soon after we arrive in TX, assuming we have internet where we are.
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The Wyrm will turn   
09:28pm 27/08/2008
mood: aggravated
Gustav, I hate thee so.

All the models are sending it right here, and I in my newbishness don't know how soon we can evacuate. I know I can evacuate, as I'm not essential personnel, but it makes me nervous no knowing when.
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Some pictures   
09:47pm 20/08/2008
mood: chipper
I've got some pictures up on deviant art of my new kitten, and Emma,
here: http://vicskywalker.deviantart.com/gallery/#_browse/scraps
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we have kitties   
09:10pm 16/08/2008
mood: chipper
So Laura had been saying since before she came down here that when she moved out of her parent's place. So now that she's here she wanted to go a head and get one. Her and Kat were looking online for people giving away small kittens. We found someone today, went out to get them. They're six weeks old, and when we got there Kat picked out an orange tabby, and Laura picked out a calico. While they were doing that I was looking at some of the other kittens, and there was one, he is a black tabby, that was born with only one eye. I called him Odin, and I had to take him. There was no way I could not, I mean who else would take a one-eyed kitten?
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Nights and Days, Days or Nights   
09:23pm 02/08/2008
  So, I think I'm going to be working my normal hours again. Finally. Now I can actually sleep, Kat will actually sleep, and things will be better, because things have kinda sucked around here with everybody's schedules being messed up.  
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freaking night watches   
10:07am 01/08/2008
mood: annoyed
I think I'm done with the command center crap, when this oil spill happens. Not only do I not get to do clean up related stuff, but now I'm on night watches, I don't get to see Emma for days at a time, and it just sucks, I'm not even doing anything useful, I'm babysitting phones all night long that barely ring.
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It ain't so easy in the Big Easy   
08:00pm 25/07/2008
mood: pissed off
There was an oil spill here in New Orleans on Wednesday morning at 2am. A tank barge was run over by a tanker ship, splitting the barge in half, and dumping 10,000 barrels of #6 oil, which is a heavy industrial fuel that is so thick it has to be heated up before it can be used as fuel. The clean up is on going, and will take an unknown amount of time. The river has been closed to all traffic since then, and we have only now began to allow a very small number of ships to go up and down the river.

My department has had to contact all of our facilities (all 270) with less than half of our department (5 of 13), and we've had to contact these people 5 times in 2 days getting the same info or new minuscule details, and these folks are already pissed at the river being closed, without us taking a huge chunk of their time. And we are getting so pissed with our boss, it's almost ridiculous.
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Emma's first big boo-boo   
08:43pm 09/06/2008
mood: grumpy
Kat and I had to go out to a meeting thing today, and Mom is here to watch Emma. When we get back Mom, Emma, and the dog are outside the dog is loose and mom is carrying Emma, and she's got this big pink mark on her forehead.

Mom was letting Emma run outside on the sidewalk, when she tripped, scrapped her forehead, nose, and lip. It's the biggest boo-boo she's ever had, and I'm trying to not sure be really pissed at mom.
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10:21pm 06/06/2008
  So, the other day at work, we were going out to do an inspection, and one of the guys jokes 'hey lets call the guys and tell them we got a flat.' So, they call, tell the guy in charge of keeping up the cars, 'hey we got a flat, and there's no spare in here.' They keep him going for a few minutes, and he's getting directions to come pick us up, and they're like, 'we're just kidding, we don't have a flat, it's all cool.' We're driving along the levy looking for this place, and we stop to get the file, with the address in it, because for some reason they keep it in the back of the SUV, and we hear this hissing sound, and guess what, we had a flat tire. Then we wondered... we do have a spare right?

We did. Thankfully, but we got on a real road, found a parking lot changed the tire, and decided, we'd done our work for the day, and we didn't want to try driving around on the levy without a spare.
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