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Fan fic

So, I haven't written anything in a Very Long Time, and I've gotten the idea in my head to write a fanfic for this series of novels that I've been reading since A school, and have told several people about, it's from a series called the Emberverse. It's really funny because I think I remember someone telling me a little bit about it years ago, when the first book had just come out, but I wasn't really interested then.

So, I had this thought for a fan fic, I saw on the author's site a link to a site with fan fic, and a map with area's that probably would have been wiped out, I saw that Philmont would still possibly be there, so that got some juices flowing, and now I'm working on a story. But this time instead of jumping straight into the naritive, with no idea where I'm going, I'm working on the overall history of the area, what happens after the change, I'm trying to develop characters, and I'm just having a little trouble getting started.
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